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Up Up and Away


So, I am currently working on making a custom of the Rocketeer. One, because I’ve always wanted a 3.75 inch version toy of him (love the movie) and two, because its a custom that again requires me to work on kit bashing multiple figures and work on sculpting. I’m hoping the finished product is half as good as what’s in my head.
I’ve been considering just doing a full sculpt of the jetpack but I’m not quite confident in my ability to do so, so I’m working with a pre existing accessory which should serve itself well, although it won’t be accurate to the movie design



Works In Progress


So, October marked the beginning of Video Game season and I felt compelled to start working on figure versions of some of my favorite characters from these games. So, a slight departure from trying to keep it simple. I think they are coming along ok at the moment. I do think I’ll consider my current work of Zero as a practice run. While waiting for things to dry I think I’ve figured out a better way to do his helmet. Hopefully my ADD won’t keep me from finishing these guys off.


So, I took a break. Found more customizers out there to check out and look to for inspiration. Oddly enough, I also found demoralization. There are so many guys out there who are putting out such incredible work that I found myself wondering why I’m even bothering. Then I remembered I started bc I was having fun, regardless of outcome or what people’s opinion is of the final product. So, yeah, fuck that noise.
An Instagram buddy asked me if I could make him a Shadow Trooper and even offered to pay me (which surprised the crap out of me). I quoted him the cost of the figure but when it was all said and done he insisted on paying me more for my time. So, where I found doubt while looking at work that I found influential, this gesture of paying me for my time before even seeing the product made me feel good. Plus, making a ShadowTrooper let me stick to my current, Keep It Simple Stupid method of working. Maybe I’ll post a cleaner picture but here’s the gist of it (as I don’t have a pic of the completely final product.


Steampunky Fett version 1.5

So, after looking at my second Steampunk Fett I decided I needed another (especially considering I gave him to a friend). So I took the formula I used to make him and tweaked it ever so slightly.
This time around I did away with the gun holster and instead added some pouches. Every version of Boba Fett should have pouches. I also changed his gloves and updated his Jetpack a little. While very similar to the first iteration (not different enough to warrant v 2.0) I like this one a lot more. I still haven’t managed to make convincing eye lenses yet. Maybe when I do I’ll create a full on version 2.0.
I still have a few customs made that I haven’t posted yet (Tarkin, Vader, stormtroopers) which I will next post. Currently I need to work out a method of planning out figures bc currently I’ve been winging it. Maybe I need to start to sketch out ideas. 20120809-191604.jpg

World War II Stormtrooper


So, due to a lapse in posting this guy is actually the third version of this figure. I decided to do a Star Wars Stormtrooper with a WWII German theme. Seemed quite fitting considering the Empire in the movie was obviously modeled quite heavily after Nazi Germany. Used pieces from three different figures to create this guy. I’m don’t think there’s anything I could do the next time I make another one of these guys. The changes made from the first iteration to this are extremely slight. I do believe this guy represents the final product.


Second Steampunk-Ish Fett Attempt

So after the fancy painted Fett I made (and posted last post) I decided to attempt another Fett, this time using a mix of methods including swapping out parts from other toys and using epoxy based clay to make pieces, in this case, the helmet.
This was a rather ambitious attempt on my part considering all I’ve do e so far in the realm of making a custom figure was paint and an accessory swap or two. If you’ve seen his work I am sure you may have noticed the helmet design was inspired heavily by a custom figure created by Sillof. If you don’t know who he is, check him out at This dude is absolutely amazing. I can only hope one day to put out even one custom that comes close to the level of perfection of his creations.
That said, with the exception of the neck i am quite happy with the results here. I will definitely make another one, with modifications because as soon as I made this guy I promised and gave him to one of my friends from Instagram.
My next post will be of some of the Stormtroopers I have created in the time period that has passed between now and the first custome Fett.


Painted Fett


So, the logical next step was to paint a new figure and add a few accessories from other places. I always wanted to do a custom Steampunk inspired Boba Fett and with nothing more than a fancy coat of paint and a cool jetpack I feel I succeeded in this attempt, as simplistic as it is.
I started work on anther Fett shortly after completing this one. This next Fett will be made using a few different figures and techniques I’ve been dabbling with on practice figures. I’ll post him soon.